Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hill Plans and tough decisions

I found this picture on g+ this is exactly what i would like to do with the little hill that splits the top of the garden / house from the bottom of the garden.    Right now its just a hill that someone made some beds out of, the problem is that the grass keeps growing into the beds and it loose messy.   Last year i tried putting down some black garden edging but it isn't deep enough and it just loos terrible.   I wasn't able to bury the edging any deeper because of the roots from the tress and shrubs that are in the bed already.

I just cant decide if i want to terrace it like this is or if i just want to make one tall wall and have it be just two levels the top of the garden and the bottom.    You wont see the terrace planting unless you are down in the bottom part of the garden and i haven't even considered what i'm gong to do down there yet.

oh ......... the decisions a dream gardener has to make.

Hanging basket watering system

I just found this picture of a cheep and easy watering system for hanging baskets.

My problem with hanging baskets is most of the flowers i want to put in them require full sun.  But a hanging basket in full sun needs to be watered every day.  I'm not very good at remembering to go out and water things every day after work so they normally die on me.    Nominally when i water my hanging baskets of most of the water spilling out on the ground.    This system seams to be a grate idea, the bottle should release the water slowly.  I think i will have to try this this summer.  

I have also read that you can get some powered jelly stuff that should absorb water and release it slowly, i haven't been able to find it in my area  yet.

A start

Ever since i was a teenager i have dreamed of having my own garden.  But as fate would have it i had to wait until i was 40 years old to finally get one.   The first summer after moving into our new house i could tell that there was a lot of potential in my new garden.


  • South facing 
  • around 800 square meters
  • apple tree,  2 plum tress, cheery trees  
  • one very old Troldhassel (love this)
  • 2 levels.


  • no one has done much with it.
  • the 2 levels are not very continent
  • There's an old hedge and a new hedge.  The old one will have to be removed when the new one is big enough.

The first summer we where here i didn't really do much except remove weeds.   I wanted to see what would come up first you never know whats hiding in those beds.   That fall i gave the apple tree a much needed pruning.    The second summer i put in a small veggie patch which went wild.  I found that carrots  potatoes peas, beans, tomatoes all will grow in my garden.   This year should be fun i have big plans i wonder how far i will get with them.
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