Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A start

Ever since i was a teenager i have dreamed of having my own garden.  But as fate would have it i had to wait until i was 40 years old to finally get one.   The first summer after moving into our new house i could tell that there was a lot of potential in my new garden.


  • South facing 
  • around 800 square meters
  • apple tree,  2 plum tress, cheery trees  
  • one very old Troldhassel (love this)
  • 2 levels.


  • no one has done much with it.
  • the 2 levels are not very continent
  • There's an old hedge and a new hedge.  The old one will have to be removed when the new one is big enough.

The first summer we where here i didn't really do much except remove weeds.   I wanted to see what would come up first you never know whats hiding in those beds.   That fall i gave the apple tree a much needed pruning.    The second summer i put in a small veggie patch which went wild.  I found that carrots  potatoes peas, beans, tomatoes all will grow in my garden.   This year should be fun i have big plans i wonder how far i will get with them.

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