Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hill Plans and tough decisions

I found this picture on g+ this is exactly what i would like to do with the little hill that splits the top of the garden / house from the bottom of the garden.    Right now its just a hill that someone made some beds out of, the problem is that the grass keeps growing into the beds and it loose messy.   Last year i tried putting down some black garden edging but it isn't deep enough and it just loos terrible.   I wasn't able to bury the edging any deeper because of the roots from the tress and shrubs that are in the bed already.

I just cant decide if i want to terrace it like this is or if i just want to make one tall wall and have it be just two levels the top of the garden and the bottom.    You wont see the terrace planting unless you are down in the bottom part of the garden and i haven't even considered what i'm gong to do down there yet.

oh ......... the decisions a dream gardener has to make.

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