Saturday, May 11, 2013

Baby Blackbirds

It seams that a Common Blackbird decided that the bush next to my front door would be a nice place to have her baby's.

They where so cute.  Over the following week mom and dad brought lots of bugs.  We spent a few days out working on the bee hives in the carport near the bush.  It was funny because while we where there dad simply wouldn't go in and feed the baby's while we watched.     We had to turn our backs then dad would fly right in to the nest and feed the baby's.

The bad thing about the nest being here was that when the baby's flew off they ended up in my neighbors yard, she has a dog.  The dog found the baby's in the garden and they got scared tried to go back to the nest.   One ended up flying into the garage and it took me 15 minutes to find it under all the boxes and stuff in there.  The other ended up flying into the house when the front door was open.   I relocated baby birds to my garden where dad and mom quickly came and yelled at me for walking around with there baby's.  

Over the next few weeks I could see mom and dad teaching the baby's how to find juicy worms in my lawn.  I love having baby blackbirds every year.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Its to hard to be home on the weekends

We had a very busy couple of days in the garden this weekend.   On Saturday after noon i looked into the bee hives and still couldn't figure out where the ants where coming from.  It occurred to me that they might be in the isolation in the sides of the trugstader.     I called my boyfriend over who agreed that they could be in there.  So after getting a bunch of tools he started to remove the sides to get into the isolation.

    Sure enough there was an ants nest in the bee hive.  I would rather have had a bee family in the bee hives then an ant family.   So they where evicted into a large plastic bag.   Yes we even found the queen she was huge :)

Sunday we where out in the garden all day.  I was lucky that my daughter and her boyfriend where home so i put them to work removing an old lilac bush and a couple of hanging willows.    I suspect it will be a few weeks before they decide to spend the weekend they really worked hard.  It builds character.

    Lars and I sanded the sides of the bee hives in preparation for a new coat of pant.  This morning Lars comes up with the idea that maybe we should just replace the sides of the hives since they where so rotten.   Why couldn't he have said that before we used most of the day yesterday sanding them down.   I don't think i will ever understand men, he is probably right though they are really rotten.

I also managed to do my spring cleaning on the garden shed   I wonder if i will ever start to just throw stuff away instead of just putting it in the shed where i have to then throw it away the following spring.  Potatoes are also in the ground now.   The garlic is looking grate and the strawberry plants are starting to grow.   I just love spring......

Friday, May 3, 2013

Bee keeping Starts

For the last several months i have been doing a lot of reading on bee keeping.   I'm not sure what got me started on this idea maybe it was a video on you-tube maybe it was all the reports on the news about the bee's dying.    I joined the local bee keepers club about a month ago.  The first time i went i didn't expect there to be a lot of people and i expected those that where there to be above retirement age.  I was wrong.  Every time i go to a meeting there's at least 30 of us there.   The ages are spread from around 20 to a very fresh 87.     Everyone is so nice and helpful and they all love bees or honey or both.  

My first experience with the bees was quite fun.  I was worried how i would react to a few thousand bees flying around my head.   I wasn't scared at all i was fascinated they where so gentle.  Until that is one tried to fly in my eye and i wiped it away with my hand with out thinking and got stung right between the eyes.   (yes i looked funny the next few days)

Last weekend I found 2 Trugstader on line cheep.   There was a very kind man who had kept bees for 5 years who due to ill health was selling off all his bee gear.    He sold me everything i needed for the two hives.    Trugstader are popular in Denmark   I will post some pictures of the insides in another post.    I like them mainly because they are made of wood and will look better in my garden then a bunch of plastic boxes stacked on top of each other.

I ordered a bunch of wax frames and a bee jacket and hat.  I don't want to get stuck between the eyes again :)

as a fun side note.  I came home from work the other day and the ants had found the bee hives.   Apparently there is still something good in them.   There was a little army of ants going in and out of one of the hives.   I guess they need a good cleaning and paint job before i get the bees.

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