Sunday, June 2, 2013

Garden Stairs

After work on day i was weeding around the stairs in the garden.  I could see the ants where back again.  Last year we had a huge problem with ants eating out under those stairs.  I wasn't very smart and decided to look under one of the stones.  Which lead to me pulling up all the stones.   That's when i could see what the problem was who ever built those stairs didn't put sand under them they where pretty much right on the dirt.  But by this time i had demolished the stairs.   So what does that mean we need to build new stairs!

trailer full of sand and stones for the new stairs.

As you can see there isn't much left of the stairs that where there.
Nice hole we have here don't you think?

The white line is the level of chalk in the soil.  We had to chip our way down the last bit.
Oh a step :)

Now there's two. 

Doesn't it look awesome!
The only thing i forgot was to put down some type of cloth to keep the ants from coming back.  But other then that they look grate.  The best thing of all they work :)

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