Sunday, August 4, 2013


I finally picked up my bees on wednesday.  I guess i can now call myself a bee keeper.  Yeah!

I waited until today to move them from the travel hives into mine.  I know i could have done it sooner but i didnt have time.  I have been watching them, some might consider it stalking just to be sure they where ok.  They are my first bees i want to be sure i am doing it right.

They seam to be so gental that i desided to move them without smoke.  The smaller of the to hives where so quiet i almost didnt here them.  I could see some caped and uncaped young but no eggs. Im not all that worried i am not all that good at spoting the eggs they are so small.  No sign of the queen either but she isnt marked yet. The had about a frame and a half of honey. They will need to build up more.

The second hive was bigger.  You could here them but.  I could see eggs here and loads of caped broud.  No queen but where there are eggs there must be a queen. They had 2 full frames of honney wow it weighs a lot.  Not at all worried abiut these guys they seam very strong and happy.

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