Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Over the weekend i found the bees in the larger of the two hives dragging these things out.   When i smashed it up it looked exactly like chalk.   After Google around i'm convinced its calk brood but what do i do about it?   

I have only been a bee keeper for 2 weeks and already I'm having problems.   Poor girls I need to help them ... some how.

I just spoke with the man in charge of my bee keeping class.  He says because it was only two (so far) that i shouldn't worry to much about it.   What it could be is that the bees are just cleaning house and I should leave them bee to do just that.   Apparently this late in the year the bees will clean out the comb and remove any brood that may be sick or contain drones (!!!).  Poor guys don't even get permission to finish developing this late in the year before they get tossed out.

OK then I'm not going to panic I am going to let the bees be and be bees.    (Sorry for the pun but I couldn't help myself )

Update:  22-8-2013 found another one.  Bee guru's say that its not a problem unless you find like 50 of them but i should probably change out the queen.  

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