Thursday, August 22, 2013


I have two different compost bins in my garden. One for leaves, grass and trimmings from the hedge. The other is for kitchen waste.

Leaf mold

Leaf mold a grate commodity to have in your garden. Its good for around roses in the winter to keep them warm. It can be mixed around any plant really.

In the fall we use the lawn mower with the bag attachment on. You mow right over the leaves it chops them up in to nice little pieces, and sucks them up into the bag. We do the same when we trim the hedge.   I always check that we didn't trim off any large stems before we run them over with the lawn mower.   It makes a terrible nose if it runs over anything large, probably isn't good for it either.    All this nice chopped up stuff goes right into my compost bin in the far corner of back yard.     Last winter it was full by spring it had compacted and rotted down to a third of its former size.  

Kitchen compost.

Almost anything that was once alive can go into this.   I leave cooked veggies and bread out though.   Some people say it doesn't matter that you can add cooked veggies but I find it attracts more bugs.     Some fun things to add that you might not have considered.
  • Egg Cartons
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • news paper
  • bills :)
  • egg shells
  • coffee grounds
  • wood ash (not to much go easy with this one)
Note: As long as there's no color ink on the paper it can go in.   

You need to layer your Kitchen compost.  If you put in to much wet stuff you may start to attract fly's.  If this happens just toss some soil over it or if your Leaf compost isn't to wet you can add a layer of this to it also.   

I like to cover my compost with a blanket of sorts basically its more or less some landscaping cloth I had left over. You could also use an old tarp anything works really.   The reason for this is it keeps the heat in and the fly's out so they cant lay eggs.   Again its not a requirement but I like to do it.

Once and a while I water my compost to make sure its nice and wet.  Not to wet but it should be moist, this will help the matter break down.   

Note:  You need to get the heat up in your compost.  Mine wasn't quite high enough everything rotted down but it didn't kill the seeds.  This summer I had little tomato plants growing all over my garden from the compost I had put down in the flower beds.   Not to mention the potato plants I have growing "IN" the compost bin.

Garden waste

You can add your garden waste to either of these piles.  I wouldn't recommend adding weeds unless you are sure your compost bin gets hot enough to kill the seeds.  You may  end up with lots of weeds in your garden when you use your compost.   This is worse then lots of little tomato plants all over the garden.  :)

My Kitchen compost bin with potato's growing out of the sides. 

My leaf compost

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