Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In the News - Drunken moose

Five drunken, threatening elk escaped from police after a party Tuesday night at Ingarö in the Stockholm Archipelago, reports

The moose had throughout the evening built a solid drunk by eating fermented fallen apples in a garden rural home.

When the owner arrived home late Tuesday night found moose not inclined to let him into his house, and the large animals appeared threatening.

So, police were called to help get rid of the intruders.

- The police who came to the scene to confront the moose, found that the moose had apparently been warned about the arrival of the police and therefore had taken the wise decision to leave the address, write information officers of the Stockholm Police, Albin Näverberg, on the police website.

They called the cops advised subsequent landowner to remove the fallen apples as not to tempt the moose to continue intoxication.

- They must find another tavern, writes Näverberg.

I guess it beets coming home to a bunch of drunken teenagers throwing a party in your house.   :o)

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