Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Life Cycle of the Honey Bee.

 The queen honey bee lays about 1500 eggs a day.   This is a little explanation of what goes on in the 19 1/2 days after the egg is laid.

Day 1 - 3  the egg
The honey bee worker exists as an egg for the first 3 days of its life.

day 3 the egg hatches into a small larvae.   The honey bee exists as a larvae though 7 1/2 days.

Workers begin feeding the larvae royal jelly you can see it in the bottom of the picture as a puddle.

Larvae ready to be capped. 
Workers begin to cap the cell with in 15 hours of this stage.
Capping has started
Fully capped brood sell.
Within 24 hours of being caped the Larvae spins a cocoon sheds its Larvae skin and becomes a pre-pupa stage.
day 12
day 13
day 14

day 15
day 16 (movement of legs can be seen)
day 17 or 18 movement of mouth parts
19 1/2 days worker honey bee begins to chew its way out.

Here is a a link to a video explains it all along with some info on the Varroa mite:  here

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