Monday, August 19, 2013


Robbing is a term used in beekeeping. Bees from one beehive will try to rob honey from another hive. Robbing behavior is especially strong when there is little nectar in the field. Strong colonies with the largest stores are the most apt to prey upon weaker colonies. Some robbing is carried out so secretly that it escapes notice. Most of the time, when robbing is going on, one can see bees from the opposing hives fight. The fights can lead to significant losses of bees. Robbing may go on between hives in one apiary or hives of different apiaries.

Here we go again.   Sunday morning i added some new sugar syrup to the little hive (JFK).  They are still about a third of the size of the larger hive (Heathrow).  I have been trying to feed them extra to help them build up.   The last time I had robbing problems was when I had the feeders out side the hives.  This time I put the feeder directly inside JFK.   Three hours later all hell broke loose, I guess they could smell it.

There where bees all over the out side of the hive.  I wasn't to worried in the beginning until I saw all the dead little bee body's in the grass in front of JFK.    I opened up the hive and out few a few hundred bees.  They are supposed to be back there, I could also see little bee body's on the bottom of the hive.   I quickly ran in the house grabbed my bee jacket and gloves ran back out again and removed the sugar syrup feeders and reduced the size of the opening to one bee.    I also put a little smoke to the front of the hive seamed to clear them off fast enough.

Dam why do they keep picking on JFK.   Can't they just leave them alone to grow.  Last night I made up two liters of sugar syrup I'm going to put a feeder in each hive this time.   Then maybe Heathrow wont feel so jealous and stay in there own hive.    

I bought 2 new feeders just for this purpose last week.  But when i tested it in JFK I found dead (drowned) bees so I was worried.  I am going to put it back again maybe they just need to learn how to use this type of feeder.   It's the same type they use over at the local bee school so they must be OK.

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