Monday, August 19, 2013


Having roses in my garden is a must for me.   You can find roses of so many different shapes and colors.    I love walking out on the terrace and being assaulted by the smell.  A lot of people find roses hard to care for but really they are one of the eases plants to have in your garden.


I know that you can buy special soil for planting roses for the most part i haven't bothered with this.  I normally just plant them in the ground and watch them grow.     I read some where that if you put a bone (beef bone) in the bottom of the hole you plant the rose in this will help.  The reasons for this is roses like Phosphate by planting a bone with the rose you ensure that it has enough for quite a long time.  Another option is to put a hand full of Bone meal in the bottom of the hole with your rose.


In late winter or  early spring you need to prune your roses you need to wait until after the last frost.   Begin pruning out and removing any dead canes.  Dead canes can be determined by their shriveled, blackened appearance. In contrast, a healthy cane has a nice green outside and a cream or green color in the center of the cane. If only part of the cane is damaged, try to prune as close to the base or bud union as possible.

Next we can focus on the remaining healthy canes. If any of the canes are to long or not in the shape or place you want them you can remove them also.  Try to prune as close to the base or bud union as possible.

Dead heading

As your roses start to die remove them as soon as you can this will encourage the plant to flower again.   Even early flowering roses can some times be encouraged to flower again later in the year by doing this.


Aphid are the worst creatures known to roses lovers.  If allowed to stay on your roses they will suck the very life out of them.   I keep a spray bottle filled with water and a tea spoon of dish washing liquid and a little vinegar ready for this.  Spray the hole plant where you see the Aphids and  they will die and for a little wile not come back.   Another option is to get a lot of bird feeders.  I have a full flock of small birds that frequent my garden they love to hang off the roses eating the Aphids for me.   

Here is a full list of rose Pests and diseases 


This is an old tip from my grandmother.  Roses love coffee.  Save your coffee grounds and put them directly on the ground around your roses.     The picture at the head of this article is from a rose bush that was in the garden of the house I bought 3 years ago.    The first summer there was 1 rose,  the second summer there was 3, this summer there are 15+.   All I have done to this rose bush is give it coffee and prune it every year. Now it gives me the most beautiful red roses that last more then 2 weeks on the bush each. 

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