Thursday, August 22, 2013

Soap Box - Pesticide

Pardon me while I step up on my soap box now.

Garden Centers Sell Bee-Attractant Plants with Pesticide Residues toxic to bees

OK I'm going to ramble a bit here.   Why do we have to spray everything?  I assumed having my bees in my yard they would be safe.  A lot safer then the bees out in the country where the farmers spray there crops with everything under the sun.   But there not!

It just came in the news here in Denmark that farmers are spraying the crops up to two weeks before they harvest them with roundup.  Why?  To kill the weeds?  No, its to make the crop ready for harvest faster.   What a waste why do we need to spray stuff just because we can spray stuff.   Why not just wait the extra week or two for the crops to be ready.  

Do we really need to spray the plants that go into peoples gardens?   I can except a little spraying.    A lot of these plants sold in garden centers are grown in huge green houses,  if pests get in there they will run rampant and kill all the plants and the grower will loose money.   But if you say a plant is bee friendly then you need to except that you can't then spray toxic agents to kill bugs.  Just because it doesn't say it is harmful to bees maybe you should stop and think for yourself.    If the pesticide are using is designed  kills bugs maybe it will kill bees to.   Bees are after all bugs.

OK I will now step off my soap box now.  Have a nice day.

Update: Well it looks like maybe someone is listening.  EPA finally comes to defense of honey bees.

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